Monday, February 12, 2007

From Eli

I've been receiving a lot of indoctrination by Noggin and Playhouse Disney. Today was definitely a TV day. Having waffles for breakfast was really cool. But then Mom took us for a walk in the double stroller. BOORRRRRRRING. I let Mom know when I was done & she wouldn't even turn around.

At lunch:

Me: "No I won't try that soup. It's gross!"
Mom: "No more TV until you eat your soup."
Me: "This soup is really good! I love this soup."

Mom took a nap today. Good thing there's a child proof lock on the door or I would probably answer the door every time I hear a knock and get myself kidnapped by some psycho. I like to answer the phone now, too.

The day ended rather badly. I threw a book at Mia and I accidentally hit her in the eye. There was blood and everything. Dad took away all my privileges. I had to go straight to bed for the rest of the night. I don't think I'll ever do that again.

A final quote for the day, "Mom! Dad! I can see our infection in the window!" Oops. I mean reflection.