Friday, March 9, 2007

From Eli

Yesterday in preschool I learned how to say, "Bonjour," "merci," and "au revoir!" Wouldn't Jo-Jo be proud?

My dad put it into my head that I have a baby brother. We put my clothes in a bin when they are too small for me & my dad said they are for my baby brother. Every day I talk about my baby brother up in heaven (NO, NO, NO, MOM IS NOT PREGNANT!). But I lay things aside for my brother all the time now. Just to make sure he has everything he needs. I built a tower of chairs and what-not to reach the bin where his clothes are just to put a pair of underwear in there for him. He'll need that, right?!

Today I have an imaginary pet. His name is Frodo. He is a bat. He got dressed with me, ate with me and watched TV with me. When I had to hold things in my hand, I had to be careful not to crush Frodo. Sometimes, I just had to carry things with my one free hand. Frodo needs a lot of attention.

Here is a picture of Frodo I drew for you: