Saturday, March 24, 2007

From Eli

My life is rich with lots of healthy pretending. At the kid party* that I go to each week, Nick is the bad guy and I rescue Alexa. Sometimes I'm the bad guy and Nick rescues Alexa. Last week we played house. I was the dog for a while, then I was the baby. When I play with Mia, she's the mom & I'm the baby. Sometimes I just miss those baby days of being able to scream as much as I want and people running around catering to my needs.

Tonight I went to the kid party and we played, "bake." Last week at the kid party we baked St. Patrick's Day cookies. Here is a picture of me & my friends making cookies & drinking water as we watched a movie.

*The kid party is my parents' babysitting co-op. We switch off between 5 families, so my parents get 4 dates on Saturdays and just one crazy night with 8 kids. We love it!


Jen Cardon said...

Hi Eli & Mia,

I'm happy to see that you are learning how to play, and use your imagination, and how to express your selves! I hope you always use your imagination, and that you are always excited to learn! Life is so much fun when you can use those tools! With love, Aunt Jen