Thursday, April 17, 2008

Look At These Happy Kids

Today we had a really fun day. Not only was it upper 70s & sunny, resulting in mucho playground time at school, but I decided to take them to see Horton Hears A Who to top the afternoon off. We shared the huge theater stadium seating with only 2 other people!! The kids loved it. Except they were a little scared of the eagle part, but what's a kid's movie without scary parts? I snapped this picture of them at the end with the credits in the background.

One other cute thing Mia said today. We have a game our kids like to play with us where we (Chris or I) sing a little bit of a song, then we pause, and Eli & Mia sing whatever word comes next. For example, we sing, "I am a child of..." and they say "God." And they especially love to sing Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam that way, so they can yell out, "BEAM!" So I was doing this with Mia, and at the very end of the song, it should say, "I'll be a sunbeam for him." So I sang, "I'll be a sunbeam for..." and Mia said, "EVER." I wish she would be a sunbeam forever. But for a walk down memory lane, go back and watch this awesome video of Mia singing one year ago. They change so quickly. Also, for future mini-family-movies, I plan on keeping the links to them on the sidebar, so stay tuned for that.