Friday, May 16, 2008

It's taking us a bit longer to get anywhere nowadays. I have HAD IT with the fighting, tattling, hitting, pinching, screaming, arguing & everything else that can come along with sibling rivalry. The car is the worst because we DON'T own a mini-van with a DVD player and in our small sedan, they sit right within reach to one another and they are CONSTANTLY in the car. On a normal day, they spend a minimum of 45 minutes, just going to preschool & back & maybe to the grocery store. If we have to go anywhere farther than that, or on more errands, heaven help us.

So the new thing is, "Would you like to work it out on your own in a friendly way, or would you like to go to time out?" They are starting to realize that they can often use friendly voices & work things out. But we had to prove to them that we really would put them in time-out if they didn't stop. So we stopped the car a lot!! It actually really is significantly better now. Thank goodness.


Annie said...

hey natalie if it's any consolation, we own a car with a DVD player and enough room for me to separate the kids but we only use the DVD player for long trips and i usually keep all three next to each other in the middle row. whoever said to have more than one kid so they'll play with each other forgot to mention that they fight 90% of the time!

Patti said...

Natalie, You're killing me! I loved the picture. This was great. I totally know how you feel.