Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Swimming Lesson Struggles!

Eli and Mia love the pool. That is-- they love it when they can splash in the baby pool (1 foot deep), play on the shallow steps, or occasionally float with the security of a big floatie. Swimming lessons where they are encouraged to actually swim are a whole different story. Last year Mia was too little for formal lessons, but at Eli's lesson, his swimming teachers were literally begging him to try things. "Please jump to me. I promise I'll catch you. The water only comes up to your chest!!" Although Eli still refuses to get his face wet AT ALL (even with goggles!), he's doing much better this year. Well, the progress is still slow, but at least he's having fun & I have some hope.

Mia on the other hand is doing what Eli did last year, only a bit worse. Her anxiety is so strong that she won't let go of the wall. And if we force her, she will scream and cry uncontrollably and takes 5 minutes to calm down. Why oh why did I spend the money on these lessons for her???

Maybe by the end of the summer I can give a more favorable report.


MoonDog said...

at least they will still work with them while they are scared. I sent my 6 y/o and he was scared to get in the pool and they asked me not to bring him back.