Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Name That Tune

If you guessed, "Popeye The Sailorman," you'd be right! I didn't know Popeye could sail a boat, either. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mia Giving Her First Primary Talk

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They like each other!!!! Yay!

I'm knocking on wood as I'm writing this, but it does seem like Eli & Mia are fighting less lately! They have been each others' play companions all summer, and they have had so much fun. Here are a couple of cute moments I caught on film recently.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What month is it??

The next couple of days I will be playing a bit of catch up with posting photos. For starters, now that July is OVER....!!!!, here are our 4th of July photos. We stayed local in Lorton, watching the little parade and doing sparklers.

Monday, August 4, 2008

So close.....!!!

You know those swim meets I talked about, a couple posts ago? And how Mia never got brave enough to participate? Well, this story deserves a post of its own. The final swim meet is called the Lollipop Meet, with only mini-swimmers participating, and they try to make it a lot of fun for the kids. Well, Mia heard there were large lollipops involved, and she said she would give it a try. She did the warm-ups, she sat on the bench with the mini-hawks waiting for her turn. She walked up to the race lanes with her flotation noodle and the instructor Mia chose to help her. The time came for her to get ready for her race, and they literally said, "Silence so the swimmers can hear the signal. Swimmers, take your marks,............."

All of a sudden came a HUGE TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR OF RAIN, THUNDER AND LIGHTENING!!!!!!!!!!! The irony was absolutely incredible. She was getting up her nerve for this event and just suffering with anticipation and they canceled the meet because of the storm. There was so much rain that I was soaked to the bone just running back to our bench and gathering our belongings. I looked and felt like I had been immersed in the pool in my jean shorts and top. All the moms knew how brave Mia had been to be there and willing, and one of them joked with me that this is a sure sign that it will rain on her wedding, and told me I just HAD to put this event in her scrapbook to document it. Poor Mia. Maybe next year will be her year for swimming.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Well, here is the swim lesson update. Poor Mia. She just let her fear of the water get the best of her. I finally realized that I had to back off. I was exhausting myself and her trying to get her to participate. I also realized that my "encouragement" was not allowing Mia to build trust with her instructor. And so I just decided to be in Zen mode and let whatever happen happen. Mia decided to participate a little and progress a little. Maybe next year will be a better year for her. I'm glad she progressed as much as she did, though. Eli made a lot of strides- his main one being that he will now hold his nose put his head under the water for short periods of time. THIS IS HUGE FOR HIM!!! I'm really proud of him.

The pictures are of the kids practicing "streamline" arms above their head, as they do "pencil jumps" into the shallow water. They both got brave enough to jump off the diving board in the deep end (with a lot of assurances from like 4 instructors working together.) At the last swim practice, one of the moms made a cute cake like a swimming pool and laminated pictures of the instructors & kids for the top of the cake.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Swimmers, take your marks

The swimming lessons Eli & Mia participated in this year were part of the High School swim team's "mini" component. Our team is the Hayfield Seahawks, and they were the Mini Hawks. They were able to participate in official swim meets throughout the last couple of months, competing against other beginning "swimmers," with the national anthem, timers, the air horn signaling "go," and little prize ribbons for the participants. Eli participated in the kickboard races, and Mia was progressing, but is still too afraid of doing the kickboard. But it was such a blast and a self-confidence booster for Eli & for our family to go & cheer him on. Here's a little collage of the swim meet experience.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Baltimore Children's Museum

We went to Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore a few weeks ago. What a blast!! It was just an amazing fun place.