Friday, February 19, 2010

What Do You Do In The Wintertime When All The World Is White?

At school, Eli & fellow elementary students have not been able to have outdoor recess for a long time. I never remember having indoor recess growing up, so I have been fascinated by what he does with this time indoors. He's been able to play computer games, or play with any of the toys or books in his classroom. Today he told me they got Dance, Dance Revolution in his classroom for the kids to play so they could get a bit more movement. What a great idea! But the cutest thing lately, is that he's been bringing home these creations made of paper, markers, tape and staples. Eli sculpts swords, guns and light-sabers. He's even made a shield complete with a handle on the back, and even hilts for the swords, sometimes! All out of paper! Again, I don't believe I was this creative as a 1st grader. But maybe I just have the syndrome of thinking your kids are the best thing in the world. ;)